We help businesses, nonprofits, professional associations and local government entities analyze policy, connect dots and solve problems.



  • Business Formation and Launch

  • Legal and Policy Analysis

  • Program Management

  • Communication Strategies

Lanexa, LLC is in the business of getting the job done. Our work converges at the intersection of public policy and creative communication and our team is fueled by a desire to help organizations reach their goals while yielding a positive community impact. Since our inception, Lanexa, LLC has been in the front seat with our clients – helping them develop and implement programs, cultivate policy, and launch programs.  We pride ourselves on being uniquely equipped to help our clients expedite their goals with effectiveness and efficiency.  No matter where you are on your strategic timeline, we can help you connect the dots to see a vision through to fruition. We stand ready to help our client organizations fill in the gaps.


Lanexa, LLC is dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals. We know that acquiring anything of worth requires much planning and effort. Our team works in the shadows to ensure our clients end up with a high-quality and competitive product. We see ourselves as your silent partners. Lanexa, LLC enjoys strategic partnerships with government affairs firms, community engagement and outreach experts, videographers, and graphic designers. Our team and partners are invested in your success. When our clients shine, we know we've done our job.




Lanexa, LLC provides our clients with leadership and support in the following areas:

Business Consultation
Business | Non-profit
Formation & Launch
  • Complete all state and local business and/or non-profit formation requirements

  • Develop operating documents to protect the interests of the business or non-profit

  • Apply for tax exempt status on the 501(c) code

  • Submit federal applications for trademark protections

  • Among others...


  • Review and analysis of state and federal laws and legislation 

  • Develop strategic plans to impact the outcomes of local and state policies

  • Draft internal operating and compliance policies

  • Mediation and conflict resolution 

  • Among others...

Legislative Policy &
Legal Analysis


Program Development &
  • Develop and/or implementation of short and long-term program goals

  • Monitor and evaluate program effectiveness and new opportunities

  • Corporate and philanthropic outreach to meet financial objectives

  • Supplement current program operations to enhance capacity

  • Among others...


Communication & Engagement Strategies
  • Website development, including design and content development 

  • Draft and design proposals, programs, project descriptions and other visual communication aids

  • Strategic communication planning and implementation 

  • Media buys, press releases and outreach

  • Among others...




Lanexa, LLC proudly represents private business owners, government affairs firms, non-profit organizations and professional associations. Whether you need our help on a single project or as a permanent part of the team, we are committed to seeing you reach your goals. Contact us today if you're interested in seeing our work.



Terri Sharpley Reynolds, Esq.

Principal Consultant

An attorney with foundation in political campaigns, Terri has honed her instincts over the last decade to provide clients with sound guidance and a quality product.

Lanexa, LLC is led by Terri Sharpley Reynolds, a Montgomery-based attorney and communications professional. With over a decade of experience in government affairs and political campaigns, she has developed a statewide network that includes elected officials at all levels of Alabama government. Each day, she works behind the scenes with government affairs firms, state associations, local governments, corporations, nonprofit organizations and HBCUs to develop strategies for navigating the dynamics of state politics and public policy. A creator at heart, Terri is also the co-founder of Levi's Grace, Incorporated – a 501(c)(3) entity that supports mothers who have suffered the loss of a late-term pregnancy or newborn.